Mexico will be the first Latin American country to have crypto debit cards

mexico crypto debit cards

Dash firm to reach Mexican market to launch crypto debit cards

Dash platform will launch the first crypto debit card in Latin America. From an association with the exchange, the digital financial services firm will land in the Mexican market to allow users to make purchases in cryptocurrencies.

The new system is expected to be available in hundreds of stores in Mexico. Through the Tauros app, traders will be able to make immediate conversions of crypto money to Mexican pesos, as well as online transactions.

” The Tauros card is the first in Mexico and the region, and will also allow a very easy way to enter and exit the Tauros ecosystem, which is very important as it adds massive usability to Dash users in the country, ” said Ernesto Contreras, head of Business Development at Dash Core Group.

In addition, he pointed out that the system allows its users to earn DashBack rewards through card payments, as is the case with Visa and Mastercard services. ” This will give a boost to the crypto ecosystem in Mexico, ” Contreras added in dialogue with Cointelegraph.

The arrival of crypto payments to the Latin American country come in an atypical context worldwide, marked by an economic and health crisis that will mark a before and after in an important series of mechanisms and Customs. The use of cash seems to be one of them.

A few days ago, Alejandro Morales, CEO of Prosa Mexico-the largest electronic transaction services company in Latin America-stressed that emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, robotics, P2P commerce, among others, will arrive in the country to intensify its development.

According to Morales, in the medium term Mexico will experience an accelerated adoption of intangible financial mechanisms “ ” people will take care of hygiene issues more than ever before. They don’t want to be in contact with the coins or the notes.”

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